I have been taking pictures for as long as I can remember but once I was given a digital camera in 2006 and took some classes, along with some expert one on one training, I began shooting professionally.  I started my work in Tennessee and was published in several newspapers in Clarksville and Nashville, Tennessee.  My art was shown throughout restaurants in Clarksville and Nashville with most of my work centered around Clarksville where I lived.  I had the honor of having solo shows at different venues in Nashville and Clarksville as well, and won awards for some of my art in both cities.

My speciality has always been Fine Art Photography which includes Landscape, Sunsets, Nature/Wildlife and Flowers.  I started Portraiture and Modeling photography in 2008 when I had my own studio in Tennessee.  Since moving to Texas I have added Wedding and Engagement, Events, and Church Directories based in San Marcos, Texas where I now live to be near my children and 3 year old grandson.  I do not have an actual studio but I can come to you, have backdrops for my own backyard to use, and there are lots of beautiful parks and areas to shoot from San Antonio to Austin and in-between!

I was blessed to have a wonderful business in Tennessee which was a God send after being forced to retire from my legal career.  I do not race to do full time art and stay booked all the time.  I like to do 1-3 family, single portraits, or children each month and at least one wedding every 3-4 months.  I enjoy my work and take my time when I meet with you to get a good idea of what you want.  I have much better reasonable prices than I have found in this area because I understand the desire to have family and other photos but not being able to pay the high prices most photographers charge.  I like the extra money but its more joy in photography for me, especially when I get the smiles, excitement and even tears of joy on the faces of those I have worked with.  I do so much enjoy Fine Art Photography and I suppose it will always be my best work but I'm truly excited to be doing wedding photography now and look forward to more work.

Due to a change of provider I lost all my previous contacts and comments, as well as some of my photography that was lost on an external hard-drive.  So this is a new site which I have had to create and start completely over on.  I hope you will check out each individual gallery and give me your thoughts and comments or mark your favorites!!

I hope you like my photography and I look forward to hearing from you.



Rhonda Taylor